Top countries leading in solar power development

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Nowadays, the trend of converting energy sources into renewable energy is increasingly blossoming, along with the world, Vietnam has also made remarkable changes in the investment and implementation of solar power projects. Today's article will learn about the development of solar power in the countries that are leading the development of this energy source today.


The largest solar panels in the world

China is currently the country with the largest power generation capacity in the world, with a huge output of 1330 Gigawatts per year.

This country owns the world's largest solar power project in the Tengger desert with a capacity of up to 1,547-MW, also known as the "Great Solar Wall" (as recorded in 2018).

The great solar wall in the Tengger Desert

Thanks to the world's largest production of solar panels, China has grown rapidly and successfully in this renewable industry. The production level of solar cells here has surpassed the government's target for solar installations.


Solar power in the US is the 2nd largest in the world

The US is the world's second largest market for renewable energy, the country is also known as the home of "solar cell fields".

Thanks to federal tax incentives and state policies for solar cell companies, distributors, and suppliers, renewable energy projects in the US are expected to benefit over the next few years. Along with that, the US Department of the Interior has approved the solar power project in Nevada with an investment cost of up to $ 1 billion on May 11.


With the premise of being at the forefront of technology development and manufacturing, in the 2018-2030 period, the Japanese government aims to increase the renewable energy supply from 15% to 22-24%.

Electricity output in Japan

Japan aims to produce production output of 28 GW and 53 GW for 2020 and 2030, which is Japan's determination to restructure electricity from nuclear to renewable energy after the Factory disaster Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power.

In recent years, Japan has been developing the world's leading floating energy plant.

Floating solar plant in Japan


Germany is a leading country in solar energy production, and is also one of the leading countries in the deployment and development of strong solar power applications. Solar PV accounted for 7% of the national consumption and 39% of the renewable energy production in Germany in 2018.

For the German Government, renewable energy sources are considered the top priority and extremely important. Germany is determined to reach 80% of all electrical energy coming from renewable energy by 2050.


Power output in India

Solar power in India is the fastest growing and most powerful in the world.

In March 2019 India's Photovoltaic supply capacity amounts to 28.18GW and is the world's lowest cost producer of solar PV. By 2020, India is determined to achieve an annual output of 20GW.


Electricity output in Italy is booming

Italy is one of the countries "specializing in importing" energy, but in 2018, the demand for photovoltaic power in Italy reached 7.9% and made Italy a leading country in solar energy development. .

After the EU has set a target of 20% renewable electricity generation by 2020, Italy is one of the seven countries that hit the threshold ahead of time!

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