Should solar power system be installed, what are the optimal benefits that solar power brings?

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Today, electricity used from solar power is becoming more and more popular in our country with many applications from appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, pumps, televisions, and large capacity machines. Thereby we see enormous benefits that solar power brings, clearly this is a form of "investment" beneficial for many households and businesses. However, there are still many questions about whether to invest in solar power or not? Are the installation costs expensive? All those questions, will be answered by G7Solar in the following article.

1. The concept of solar power system?

Solar power is a renewable energy source that is extremely clean, reliable and brings a lot of value to humans, it is converted from direct sunlight into electricity through solar panels. Using solar energy not only does not affect the environment but also brings a multitude of other beneficial effects.

2. Should or should not invest in solar power installation?

The answer is definitely yes. With the great benefits that the solar power system brings, you should invest in installing solar power systems. Here are the top 6 reasons to install solar power systems.

- Reduce your electricity bill greatly and Profit from solar power system

Electricity bills are always the majority of the monthly costs of every household, business or non-profit organization. With the installation of a solar battery system, it will create a free source of electricity for electrical appliances in your home.

In cases where the output of electricity is greater than the amount of electricity consumed, you can profit from the excess electricity. Excess power will be pushed to the national grid, EVN will record it with a two-way meter, then the power company will buy back according to the decision of the Government at the price of 1,943 VND / kWh. This is one of the biggest reasons to answer your question "should install solar power".

The amount of the solar power system installation is not a cost at all, this can be considered a highly profitable investment and less competitive compared to other traditional investments. Thanks to electricity savings and profit from excess electricity, on average, customers will pay back in just 4-5 years and can be profitable continuously for over 25 years.

Solar power system for environmental benefits

Solar power system generates electricity thanks to solar panels in the process will not generate emissions. At the same time, using the solar power system will reduce the burden load for power plants, especially coal-fired thermal power plants, leading to a reduction of the amount of CO2 emitted by power generation plants, polluting the environment. like the greenhouse effect.

- Increase the aesthetic value of the project

In fact, buildings equipped with solar power systems are often assessed as having greater property value and selling faster than houses that are not installed. These works will be priced and sold 3-5% higher than regional works.

- Extremely easy installation

The solar power installation system is relatively compact and light, and does not need to be connected to equipment requiring cumbersome wires. Above all, this system is installed very easily, quickly, does not take much time and does not need to change the electrical design.

- Low system maintenance costs

With solar power systems, the maintenance costs are very low, as they are virtually undamaged. Solar power systems only need to be cleaned, the devices will take a long time to fail and use longer time. Furthermore, the installed equipment supplied by G7Solar is completely genuine equipment with a warranty period of 25-30 years. Low-wear brackets have a warranty period of 4-5 years.

3. Frequently asked questions about the solar power system.

1: Why should you install a solar power system?

Solar power system brings enormous value to economy, and the environment. The modules from solar panels remove tons of carbon each year, not only that they also make money for you by reducing your monthly electricity bill to your home, by reselling excess electricity to your home. EVN.

2: How long is the warranty period of solar power system?

Warranty period depends on each installation unit, however G7Solar recommends choosing a reputable unit to install solar power systems.

3: Can solar power systems sell electricity back to EVN? Forms of payment like?

According to the Decision 13/2020 / qđ-ttg of the Prime Minister on the mechanism to encourage the development of solar power in Vietnam, rooftop grid-connected systems can sell electricity to EVN under the output compensation mechanism. The solar power system will be installed with a two-way meter to calculate the output received from EVN and the excess output generated from the solar power system from which the payment output will be calculated. Currently, EVN has issued an official document on the process and procedures to buy excess electricity from rooftop solar power systems, so households can be completely assured of excess power from the power system. solar will be acquired by EVN,

4: Materials, types of roof to install solar power system?

Normally, most types of roofs can install panels if they design a suitable and sturdy frame system.

5: Is the amount of electricity generated from the system controlled and monitored?

Most major inverter manufacturers integrate an application or software to monitor the system's activity via the Internet. If the PV system is installed corresponding to the monitoring system, it is possible to conduct online monitoring of the generated electricity. In addition, can also monitor critical equipment data online, power quality, environment.

6: Are the benefits of the solar power system for households the same as the investor?

The purpose of installation is different, the benefits will also be different. For ordinary households, they often install it to serve daily electricity use so the payback will be longer than for investment customers. For investors whose purpose is to profit, do business and make a profit from this system, it will take less time to recover capital. However, the basic benefits of the solar power system bring both these two objects: profitability, energy saving, environmental protection, electricity cost management, ...

7: How long is the installation time of the solar power system?

The time to install and complete the whole system depends on the capacity of the system, usually within 4-8 weeks.

Above are detailed information answering the question of whether to install solar power or not and related frequently asked questions. Hopefully, through this article, G7Solar has helped you to answer the question whether to install solar power? If you still have any questions regarding the installation of solar power systems, please contact G7Solar for the fastest and best support.

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