Should or not install solar power?

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Each year electricity prices tend to increase, in the summer electricity consumption can increase by 30% to 50%. Therefore, the solution using electricity from solar energy is considered to be the most optimal and most economical power available today. A question that is always concerned and posed by many people before installing solar power is whether to install solar power? The following article, G7solar will help you to answer this question. Let's find out together.

Solar power concept?

Solar power really saves electricity like rumors

Simply put, when using solar power, you install solar panels on your roof, which collect light and convert this energy into electricity. for lighting equipment, home appliances.

According to the suppliers, after 4-5 years you will break even the initial investment cost, this is the benefit from solar power, along with using electricity without having to spend money within 20 years.

If the results are true then you should definitely invest, as this is really a great bargain. But should not just listen to one side of the supplier, let's try to see a few real tested examples and then decide.

How is the actual use of solar power?

According to Mr. Tung (living in Hanoi), he has invested 80 million VND in the installation of the 3 Kwp solar power system. He hopes to save on electricity bills as advertised by the suppliers. But reality is not as expected of him.

The amount of electricity produced from the solar panels did not meet the initial expectations. Like Mr. Tung quite a lot of people have such a situation. That means the amount of electricity produced is not stable, some days less, some days more. One of the customers is also worried that the initial cost cannot be covered, and there is a risk of capital loss.

To answer this problem, solar power experts said: In Vietnam, solar power is quite new, it is necessary to carefully consider factors such as the installation location where solar energy can be obtained. Is it convenient or not, or whether the number of sunny hours in the installation area is high or not, how do users need to use electricity…. Finally, it is necessary to calculate the interest rate and then decide to invest.

Solar PV installation depends on factors.


Prolonged sunny weather is a favorable condition to install solar power

The efficiency of solar cell power generation will vary depending on the number of sunny hours between regions. In particular, the South and the Central are the places with the most sunshine, while the Northern provinces have unstable amount of sunlight, only the summer months are the strongest and the other months the sun will be very weak, making you not have enough electricity. to use.

Besides, it is necessary to carefully consider the direction of the roof to install the panels, whether there are obstacles, or there is a lot of shade. These factors all have a certain influence on the output of electricity produced.

Time to use electricity

If your family members regularly work during the day and only use electricity at night, installing solar power will be very wasteful. We must know that solar cells operate in the daytime to generate electricity, so it will be very suitable for homeowners who manufacture and do business at home.

Demand for electricity in the home

If the demand for electricity is high, or it serves production, it is advisable to install solar power, because the initial investment installation cost is very high, about 80 million or more. If your family's monthly electricity consumption is about 1-3 million, you should consider installing a solar power system.

Or, instead of installing solar power, it is better to use solar-powered equipment.

Maintenance costs

Be careful with poor quality solar panels that can cause explosion

Long-term use of solar panels (for a few years) will degrade their efficiency. To ensure the operation of the system, you should pay attention to cleaning, checking and regularly maintaining the system. Talk to your service provider to find out how much this cost, will the company help with maintenance ...

You need to research the solar PV suppliers you intend to cooperate with. Do not because the initial investment cost is high, but choose the suppliers with low prices, this will lead to great risks for you in the future. Check with the prices of top, perennial, after-sales service providers they offer.

Check the solar panels for cracks, defects, or blurred lines on the panels .... this is a sign of poor quality products, you should not buy.


For those who are home-based businesses, factories need to use high electricity and live in stable and sunny areas, so they should invest in solar power.

For families with low consumption, do not rush to install solar power but need to carefully consider the above 4 factors that we mentioned.

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