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Before deciding to invest in a solar PV system, you always need a lot of information about electricity quotes, along with dozens of questions that need to be answered. Accordingly it takes a lot of your time. Understand that problem, today's article by G7Solar will provide the information you need in a systematic, detailed and reasonable way.

1. Find out How to estimate the cost of installing solar power system for households

When estimating the installation of a rooftop solar PV system for your home, you may encounter two situations as follows:

First you need to check a rough amount of electricity each month that your family has to pay.

Case 1: Average monthly electricity payable <1 million

In this case, the installation of the solar power system will not bring much economic efficiency and a long payback time. So you need to consider before the installation, if you still want to have clean energy to use, you can install the electric system with a capacity of 3kWp.

Case 2: Average amount of electricity per month> 1 million.

Consider installing a 3 ~ 10 kWp system at this time.

The investment for this system is about 16 - 18 million VND / 1kWp (depending on the location you want to install, the roof structure and what type of product to use), let's just take the number of power multiplied for the first production. private. Example: Installing a 3 kWp system will cost between 48 million and 58 million (3 × 16 million and 3 × 18 million).

The payback period only takes about 4-5 years. The larger the system investment, the smaller the investment for 1kWp, the shorter the payback time will be.

2. Price list of solar power for households

Capacity Us

Number of panels

Electricity generated (month)

Quotation (for reference)

Điện mặt trời áp mái

3 kWp


360 kWh

About 48 - 58 million VNĐ

Điện mặt trời áp mái

5 kWp


600 kWh

About 75 - 85 million VNĐ

Điện mặt trời áp mái

10 kWp


1.200 kWh

About 140 - 160 million VNĐ

3. Solar power price list for businesses

Capacity Us

Quotation (for reference)

With system > 10kWp

About 16 - 17 million VNĐ/1kWp

With system> 100 kWp

About 15.5 - 16 million VNĐ/1kWp

With system > 300 kWp

About 14 - 15.5 million VNĐ/1kWp

With system> 1 MWp

About 11 - 12 million VND/1kWp

4. Structure and installation cost of solar power




Solar panel (Solar panel)

Canadian Solar

The cost of solar panels usually accounts for about 60% of the total cost of the whole system

Grid-connected inverter (Inverter)

Fronius, Sungrow, ABB,RENAC,SMA

This equipment accounts for about 20% of the total system cost

Junction box, DC, AC electrical cabinet and other accessories


Account for about 5% of the total system cost

Construction and installation

G7 Solar

Account for about 5% of the total system cost

Survey design

G7 Solar


Warranty service, after-sales

G7 Solar


Frame, bracket structure


This component accounts for about 10% of the total cost.The cost varies depending on the installation location, the installation structure. The corrugated iron roof will be the least expensive, followed by the flat and tiled roof.

System mounted on tile roof truss frame

Tile mounting system

Rooftop mounting system

Installation system close to the roof

The system is mounted on the roof truss frame

5. For the G7Solar solar power system used the following brands:

Canadian Solar panels

–The brand is in the top 3 in the world, top 1 in terms of quality / price (Reviewed by IHS Markit Customer Survey).

- Equipped with the most advanced technologies such as Black Silicon, Half-Cut Cells, PERC, 9 Busbars, Bifacial….

- 100% production technology by robot

- Products meet international standards: CSA, UL, TUV, CE, IEC, VDE ...

- 10-year product warranty, 25-year performance depreciation warranty, PICC global warranty

Fronius Eco-grid inverter

Fronius mesh inverter is manufactured in Austria (Europe) by Fronius - the world's leading prestige and quality brand in the inverter field. Fronius owns 30 subsidiaries and sales network in 60 countries, employees 4550 employees and 1240 patents. Since 1992 until now, Fronius has produced more than 900,000 inverters.

- Products have full international certification (TUV, CE, UL ...)

- Smart SnapInverter technology

- 100% of products meet EVN grid-connected technical standards

- 10 years worldwide warranty

- Have a genuine warranty center in Vietnam

Sungrow grid-connected inverter

With a 23-year track record in solar energy, Sungrow's products are installed in more than 60 countries, maintaining a market share of more than 15% worldwide.

- As a world leader in solar power, Sungrow owns a dynamic R&D engineering team comprising more than 1,600 employees. The company has also invested in its own in-house laboratories approved by UL, CSA, TÜV Rheinland and TÜV SÜD.

- In 2019, Sungrow opened the world's largest grid-connected solar inverter factory, when put into operation, the annual production capacity globally will reach 50GW, including the plant's 3GW. in India.

SMA grid connected inverter

The top reputable Inverter brand is always ranked top 1 in Germany and the world.

- There are more than 3000 employees working in branches of 20 countries.

- Warranty 5 years and can be extended up to 20 years.

- Products have full international certifications (VDE, ISO, TUV ...)

ABB grid-connected inverter

ABB (Switzerland) - ABB Group is one of the world's leading companies in electrical engineering and automation equipment and systems based in Zurich, Switzerland, providing customers with how to use it. electricity efficiency and to sustainably increase industrial productivity.

ABB inverter preliminary assessment

Wireless access to user interface.Easy operation, a testament to the future with connectivity for smart building and smart grid integration.

Control of mobile feeds. Remote Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrade for grid tie-ups and components.

Natural convection cooling for maximum reliability.Easy access to the cord box thanks to hinges and cam latches placed on the lid.Power module and terminal block in a compact chassis. reactive power.

Renac grid connected inverter

The Renac Inverter series is one of the top quality inverter brands today, the company has diversified product lines, good technical properties, suitable for rooftop solar power systems for factories and Household, large capacity suitable for many current system sizing.

The Renac line may be quite familiar in the Asian market, but has just entered the Vietnamese market recently, but promises to be very potential in the near future.

6. Questions and answers to learn about solar power

Can rooftop solar PV be sold to EVN?

OK. For grid-connected solar power projects with commercial operation date before December 30, 2020, EVN applies a power purchase agreement for 20 years.

Currently, when customers install solar power systems, EVN will buy back the generating capacity to the grid for 1,940 VND / kWp (attic system).

How does grid-connected solar power system work?

The solar panels mounted on the roof convert the solar energy into direct current. This current goes to the Hoa Luoi Department and is rectified, transformed voltage, current to become AC AC. The output electricity from the solar energy system will be directly connected to the grid connection point (at the total switchboard) and operate synchronously with the grid electricity to provide full load.

When the power goes out, can the system work?

Technically, when the grid goes out, the system will not be able to measure the parameters from the grid, so it automatically stops working (even when it's sunny). With the current electricity infrastructure, the power outage in the cities is very limited, so it does not significantly affect the investment efficiency of the system.

Does the solar power system have enough electricity for daily use in cloudy or rainy days without the sun?

To solve the problem during cloudy and rainy days in the rainy season, solar power systems should be connected to the national grid.

The Solar Power System will operate in parallel with the state electricity network and be connected to EVN through 2-way meters.

The solar power system still operates continuously in cloudy and cloudy days, but the amount of electricity generated is quite low, the power system will be automatically compensated by the grid electricity to help the device operate normally. Conversely, when the demand is lower than the system capacity, excess solar power will be sold back to the national electricity corporation EVN.

How to maintain and operate the system?

The system operates completely automatically and the online monitoring system will continuously update the data for G7solar engineers (and customer maintenance staff) to monitor and be proactive when there are technical problems. However, customers need to regularly clean the panels to remove dirt on the surface, helping to improve light absorption in order to optimize the system's working efficiency.

 Hệ thống có cần trữ ắc quy, có thể sử dụng vào buổi tối không?

The system does not need to store batteries, all the electricity generated from the system will be consumed immediately. In case the load is not consumed, the excess electricity will be returned to the grid and transferred to other places. Therefore, the living (or production, business) will use electricity from the solar energy for free at the day table and use electricity from the grid at night.

How can roof install Solar system?

- Ideally, the roof must be exposed to sunlight all day, then the radiation coefficient will be highest. If the house is nestled between two houses is higher than two sides, or one side, the radiation efficiency will be greatly reduced.

- The most reassuring is to ask the surveyor, they have a technical team and radiation measuring equipment to determine if your house can install Solar system or not?

Warranty like?

Solar panels 12-year warranty, linear depreciation warranty performance> 83.1% for 25 years, specifically: in the first year ensure the product capacity is not less than 97.5% of the capacity indicated on the panel. From year 2 to year 25, ensure that the annual capacity drop is no more than 0.6%, and at year 25 the output power should not be less than 83.1% of the capacity indicated on the panel.

Worldwide warranty coverage of PICC. During the warranty period, if the battery has a technical fault from the manufacturer, PICC Insurance will immediately cover the full cost. PICC insurance is committed, irrevocable for 25 years (even if Canadian Solar goes bankrupt or goes bankrupt).

Inverter 5-year warranty. Customers can purchase an advanced warranty package to increase the total warranty period up to 10, 15, 20 years.

7. Which solar power supplier should choose reputable?

On the market today there are many solar power system suppliers, leading to a competition in price and product quality. However, with the time of using solar power system up to 30 years, there is no guarantee that small suppliers can accompany you for the entire project life cycle and have enough capacity for warranty and maintenance. Unfortunately the system had a problem.

Notably, almost no design suitable for all solar power systems. As long as the panel is tilted 1 degree different, a completely different output is generated. Thus, a specialized solution for the project is extremely necessary. This can only be done by suppliers with years of experience or their partners or distributors.

8. Why should you choose G7Solar

With the background of more than 15 years of experience in the electricity industry, G7 SOLAR energy is the pioneer brand of solar power in Vietnam.

G7 SOLAR has built a brand name in the market with a wide distribution system from Central, East, West, Vietnam.

Mechanical factory, electrical cabinet 8,000 m2 in Binh Duong, flexible in production, available in stock, in large quantity.

R&D team of High-Tech Park, Ho Chi Minh, project implementation capacity of more than 150+ people, 24/7 support service, lifelong companion with the project.

European and American technology products, complete with international standards and certificates.

Warranty 01 for 01 as soon as the product is defective, the longest warranty period in the market, with a distribution system, customer care in each province, convenient maintenance and troubleshooting.

G7Solar always takes quality first. Commitment to bring the best quality not only in terms of products but also in customer service.

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