Concept solar street light? Address to buy reputable, genuine?

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Thanks to knowing how to take advantage of the amount of solar radiation to convert it into a useful energy source, today the lighting and electricity industry has developed dramatically and tends to be stronger and stronger. This is the premise for solar lamps. And among them, the popularity as well as many uses in homes and localities today, must mention solar street lights. Let's find out about this product with G7Solar:

Concept solar street light?

Solar street light is used to light the road, it is made up of solar panel, connecting cable, lamp post, rechargeable battery, LED bulb, charge controller.

Learn how street lights work: The rays of the sun shine on the solar panel it will convert the photo energy into electricity. At this time, current will be applied to the controller. The controller will load the energy into the battery (accumulator) to store electricity. This power source is converted to use for LED lighting.

The essential requirements of a solar street light device:

The common standard for LED street lighting is that LEDs need to have a high protection rating against the ingress of dirt and water. LED chip is a product with a prestigious brand name, clear origin.

The requirement for the side of the solar panel is from 25 years or more, the larger the capacity, the more energy is collected.

Metal parts are surface treated to resist oxidation and are made of fine materials.

TVS products need to meet lightning protection standards.

Above are 4 basic requirements that line solar street lights need. Products that meet all of the above requirements, will operate extremely efficiently and have a long service life.

The advantages of solar street lights:

Use super bright led light technology.

Never worry about "power outage".


Safety for the user.

High average life expectancy, no greenhouse effects and climate change, suitable for home lighting or public places.

Provide renewable and uninterrupted power.

Do not pollute the environment.

Brightness is standard, initial investment cost is greater than traditional electric power installation instead, there is no monthly charge for electricity.

Contribute to green, clean environment protection and sustainable development.

Trend of using to replace conventional street lights

A trend Solar led lights

Solar led lights are gradually becoming a trend, growing more and more widely, replacing the use of conventional street lights. This form both contributes to energy saving and minimizes environmental pollution.

With the advantage of self-lighting with synthetic light, it does not consume grid electricity, so the use is spread and replicated. Many types of electrical equipment using solar energy are being used in agriculture, industrial production, military ... to reduce electricity consumption significantly. On the market these lamps are used LED bulbs, metal outer shells and extremely high durability.

The cost to run a solar lamp

The cost to run a solar lamp is much higher than that of conventional lamps, so currently, this type of lamp has not been widely invested and installed, replicated as public lighting in the country. almost all cities.

However, in the long term, solar street lights that are safe to use, long life, and save electricity costs will certainly be the most optimal saving solution and will become a development trend in the future. Besides, the product is very suitable for use in remote and mountainous areas.

Address to buy reputable and quality street lights:

When deciding to buy any product, anyone wants to choose quality products, genuine, long-lasting and with good prices. On the market today there are countless companies and shops selling these products, and G7Solar is a reputable place for you to buy solar street lights. All G7 products are of high quality, genuine, made from the best and selected materials. In addition, the warranty policy, after-sales service, return and exchange will help you feel more secure when buying lamps at G7Solar.

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