An overview of the energy industry in Vietnam

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In the era of integration, the energy industry in Vietnam is increasingly paying attention, expanding and developing on a large scale, gradually becoming a key national industry.

The concept of the energy industry?

The energy industry includes different industries, from power generation to the exploitation of energy types such as coal, oil, gas ...

Industries in the energy industry?

The energy industry of our country is structurally divided into 2 groups:

- Mining industry of raw materials - fuels: including coal mining industry, and oil exploitation industry.

- Electricity industry

We go into detail for each type of industry:

Coal mining industry:

In our country, the coal mining industry has existed for a long time, this industry has two main forms of exploitation: underground method and open method.

The most popular type of coal in Vietnam (accounting for about 90% of the national coal reserves) is anthracite coal (anthracite coal) concentrated mostly in Quang Ninh with reserves of more than 3 billion tons. Besides this coal, in the Red River Delta there is brown coal, and in the Mekong Delta there is peat.

Coal mining - one of the energy industries in Vietnam (Internet illustration)

Oil and gas exploitation industry:

Formed since 1986, the oil and gas exploitation industry has increased continuously. In our country, the main distribution of oil and gas is in the sedimentary basins containing oil outside the southern continental shelf, of which Cuu Long and Nam Con Son are the most promising in terms of reserves and exploitation. Thermal power plants have thrived thanks to the rich source of raw materials, oil with several billion tons and hundreds of billions of cubic meters of gas, besides oil is also an abundant source of raw materials for fertilizer production.

Electricity industry:

The electricity industry in our country has a lot of potentials for development, electricity output increases rapidly. Based on the source structure of electricity output, hydroelectricity and thermal power account for the highest proportion.

In recent years, renewables such as wind and solar power in the power source structure have been noticed and output has increased. Statistics on the source structure of the national power system in 2020, the renewable energy sector (solar power, wind power, biomass) accounts for about 12%, of which solar power alone accounts for more than 10%.

In addition to the three industries mentioned above, the remaining industries are not in the energy industry such as chemical industry, textile industry, automobile industry, metallurgy industry ...

The outstanding advantages of the energy industry in Vietnam can be mentioned are:

- Stable, long-term: thanks to rich and diversified fuel sources. Specifically, the potential for coal and oil and gas exploitation is huge, raw materials are plentiful, besides our country has the potential to develop renewable energy such as solar power, wind power and hydroelectricity ... In addition, thanks to Due to the dense river system, rivers and streams with lots of water, flowing through 3/4 hills and mountains, the development potential of hydroelectricity in our country is very large, theoretically, the capacity could reach about 30 million kW with output. 260 - 270 billion kWh. In which, the Red River system and the Dong Nai yard system have the largest potential for hydropower exploitation in the country. With a heat radiation source of about 2,056 kW / m2 / year and extending from the central provinces to the Mekong Delta region, Vietnam's solar power resources are quite abundant.

- Infrastructure is developed, material and technical facilities are improved, consumption market is large, bringing high socio-economic efficiency; have strong impacts on other economic sectors.

- Contribute to creating jobs for many people with great export value.

- Provide an abundant source of energy for service, ensure production activities, help promote socio-economic.

The potential for hydroelectricity in our country is huge thanks to the dense river system, watery rivers, flowing through the terrain of 3/4 hills and mountains (internet illustration)

The above features have proven that the energy industry is a key industry in our country.

Through the article we can see the importance of the energy industry, the basis for modern industrial development and the premise of scientific and technical progress. These are also the roles of the energy industry.

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