Manufacturing 02/01/2017

Posts :Can Tho Hotel Projec

  • Location:Đường Trần Hoàng Na, Quận Ninh Kiều, TP Cần Thơ
  • Wattage:6 KWp
  • Battery panels:Canadian solar CS6U-325P
  • Inverter:ABB UNO-3.0-TL-OUTD
  • Reduce electricity bill:6 KWp
  • Reduce CO2 emissions:478 kg/tháng
  • Equivalent:19 cây xanh
Customer reviews
Construction project
Anh Tam's home - District 7, HCMC
- Image of the construction
Can Tho Hotel Projec
- Image of the construction
Nguyen Hue shcool, Danang city
Pictures of installation:
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Pho 25 Binh Tan District
- Image of the construction
Thu Duc Water Plant 3
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Toyota Tien Giang
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Tri Ton Water Plant
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Vietstar Industry Joint Stock Company
- Image of the construction..

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